Dr. Mattia Gustarini - Co_Founder


Holder of a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in computer science from the University of Lugano, Mattia began his professional career as an assistant on European projects at the University of Geneva.

This leads him to a thesis in order to obtain a PhD in Business & Management with a specialization in information system.

During one of his experiments for his PhD, he worked on behavioral analyzes of about 60 smartphone users from Europe and the United States.

For this, Mattia designed and developed a "spy" application that 60 participants of the experiment have installed on their smartphones. Through this application, he collected the data to understand how participants use their smartphones. The results of the experiment allowed him to create guidelines for designing simpler applications for end-users.
Mattia Gustarini Atelier de conception Genève Design thinking

@ MobileThinking

His years as a PhD student now allow him to make connections between phenomena that the majority of people do not perceive. This makes Mattia a major asset in terms of design and development of mobile applications. Especially during the Design Sprints that he likes to animate.

His future vision for MobileThinking: like Kevin, he wants to maintain the company's growth rate, while maintaining the quality of services offered to customers.

His colleagues perceive him as eager to learn, focused on his goals and concerned about team cohesion in order to constantly move MobileThinking in the right direction.

As a person

On the private side of things, Mattia enjoys doing activities with his friends such as mountain walks, aperitifs, watching the Moto GP and playing Unihockey.

He also likes to constantly learn about the latest innovations by reading books and newspapers related to his field of activity.

And finally, according to him, we should not eat cheese fondue from March 21 to September 21! ????

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