Forum mobilité - The challenges of tomorrow

Carlos and Mattia attended the Forum Mobilité organized by the TPG and the newspaper Le Temps.

As actors in the field of Swiss and European mobility, we attended the Mobility Forum to discuss the challenges of the mobility of tomorrow.

Thanks to our experience, particularly through the AVENUE H2020 project and various collaborations with stakeholders in the field, we were able to contribute to the debates and discussions.
Our TPG partners and Bestmile were participants in the round tables, which allowed for fascinating exchanges.

We also took advantage of the networking aperitif to discuss the AVENUE H2020 project through very interesting meetings.
The field of mobility is exciting because of the challenges it represents. We are convinced that mobile technology and services play an enormous role, particularly in the directions that mobility must take. As part of the AVENUE project, MobileThinking is developing an ecosystem to collect user feedback to understand their frustrations, needs and desires and thus propose the necessary improvements to the competent authorities.

If you are interested in this domain, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss it over a coffee.