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Our workshops will set your project on the right track. Several workshops are available depending on the progress you already made.

Design Sprint - Loyco & Piguet Galland
Mattia Gustarini Atelier de conception Genève Design thinking
Sprint design and workshops mobile application conception
Design Sprint - Loyco & Piguet Galland
Sprint design and workshops mobile application conception
Carlos Ballester Lafuente Atelier de conception Genève Design thinking
You need to formalize your idea to better estimate the cost of development of your mobile/web application?

You want a first version of your application on the market ASAP, and you want to focus on its core feature?

You need to design the user journey / wire-frames of your application to ensure it's feasibility and test it with real potential users?

The Sprint experience from the eyes of our participants

Design Sprint - 5 day in a row

With the 5 days package, you explore your problematic in depth and with a calm rhythm. You dedicate time to the analysis and you have a full user study during the last day
Design Sprint - Jour 1 - Comprendre icone

Day 1 - Understand

During the day
- define the long-term goal of the new service
- map the project
- establish the desired results
- share knowledge and explore opportunities from every angle
- set the focus of the week

You take home
- a team aligned with the problematic
- a solid foundation for the rest of the week

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Design Sprint - Esquisser / Sketch Icone

Day 2 - Sketch

During the day
- analyze and study existing solutions and possible improvements
- sketch ideas individually
- prepare the exhibition of ideas
- recruit test users

You take home
- several versions of your concept
- a large panel of sketches that could potentially become your product
- future testers

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Design Sprint - Decide icone

Day 3 - Decide

During the day
- explore the exhibition sketches
- criticize imagined solutions from the previous day
- vote on the solutions
- create the User Path and the Storyboard

You take home
- a solution co-designed by all participants
- User Journey and Storyboard of your idea

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Design Sprint - Prototype

Day 4 - Prototype

During the day
- create the prototype
- understand the validation method
- write the interview
- make a first test of the prototype

You leave with
- an interactive demo for users, investors and future developers
- a framework to validate and improve your concept

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Design Sprint - Test

Day 5 - Test

During the day
- interview with test users
- analysis of results and definition of next steps
- conclusion

You leave with
- a tested solution from users
- feedback needed to improve the concept or start the developments

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Customized Workshop - from 1 to 3 days

With our customize Workshops, you focus on 3 most important steps of Application Design
Workshop icone - User journey

Day 1 - User Journey

- share the knowledge 
- explore opportunities from all angles
- map the project

- establish desired outcomes
- define the focus
- create the  User Journey

You take home
- an aligned team
- a User Journey
- a technically feasible project
- a report of the day and next steps

Workshop icone - Wireframe

Day 2 - Wireframes

- explore the existing solutions
- sketch ideas as individuals
- prepare the exhibition


- explore the exhibition 
- vote on sketches
- create the Storyboard

You take home
- a visual Storyboard of your idea
- a ready-to-implement product
 a report of the day and next steps
Workshop icone - Prototype

Day 3 - Prototype

- create the prototype 

- finalize the prototype
- understand the validation method
- script the interview
- test the interview

You take home
- an interactive demo for users and investors
- the knowledge to recruit users for testing
- a framework to validate and improve your concept

Let's meet and compose your Design Workshop

Depending on your application (Web/Mobile) idea maturity, your needs will vary a lot. We can help you decide what solution is suiting you best. Contact us using the form bellow in order to book a (free) first meeting.

Workshops and Design Sprints' related news

Atelier d'idéation - FBI Prod et MobileThinking



Ideation workshop with FBI Prod

We had the pleasure, through Jérôme, to animate a new ideation workshop for the association FBI Prod ( in the form of 2 half-days of 3 hours each. The objective was to design a mobile third party for their intervention device: The Seismograph



MOUNTAINCRAFT – A design sprint in the mountains and in slippers !

In partnership with Nicolas Croquet from La Courroie de Transmission, , we were commissioned by Marie-Elodie Perga, professor at the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment at the University of Lausanne, to support a group of researchers from different backgrounds in the ideation and design of a video game prototype.
Design Sprint - Loyco & Piguet Galland



Design Sprint – Loyco & Piguet Galland

In January 2019, we were contacted by Loyco to help them design one of their future products. This request was perfectly in line with the Design Sprint. Therefore, in partnership with the bank Piguet Galland, Loyco decided to try the Design Sprint experience with us. In this article, for obvious confidentiality reasons, we will not […]



New week, new workshop – design and animation

As part of the DECLAM network, we hosted Genius Loci, for a workshop on the theme: Valorizing diversity and cross-border identity. The Story-telling workshop was conducted via micro-story creation exercises which, put together, formed a mesh of stories.



Design Sprint at École Moser

Following a first collaboration, we were commissioned by École Moser to assist them in the design of a new digital tool. It is obviously not possible for us to communicate on the purpose of the tool, however we wish here to present the course of the Design Sprint week that we shared.
Atelier de conception Genève Design thinking



First conception workshop of the year

As we mentioned in our previous news, we have now our new office and are ready to host in-house conception workshops. 2019 started fast with our first workshop the second week of the year.