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3rd step : Go to the simplest.

In this world where one innovation follows another, facing the digital transformation can be frightening. In addition to disrupting a company's business model, the impact of the transformation can change a company's working environment. That's why at MobileThinking, we recommend that you control the impact of your digital transition by starting with the simplest possible way.

Start with the simplest possible way

As we often say, it's not a question of revolutionizing everything at once, but of getting the machine up and running. So, when your company decides to take the plunge into digital transformation, it must keep in mind the final goal and first determine the easiest way to reach it. Following this same thought pattern, it is important to understand that the tool to be developed does not have to be complex. Often the simpler the tool is and the more it meets a need, the more it is used. The Centre International de Conférence de Genève has perfectly understood this and has started by developing a "simple" ecosystem, which they evolve over time.

Increase iteratively

This iterative approach allowed them to make their tool available quickly and to learn directly from their users how to improve it. A modern and efficient way of doing things that is perfectly aligned with the concept of digital transformation.

For example, in their mobile application, they realized that the participants particularly appreciated having access to practical information around the CICG (Menu of the day, access from the station, transport schedule...). Initially, this functionality was thought to be secondary. But in view of its popularity, the CICG decided to put this practical information much more in the foreground (on the application's homepage) and to improve it. For example, they have added the functionality that allows real-time consultation of the departures of the TPG buses around the Centre, as well as the arrivals and departures of planes at Geneva airport. By studying their users in this way and modifying the application accordingly, they have improved their solution and the experience and satisfaction of their participants, all at a lower cost!

From idea to transformation

In our series of articles "From idea to app'", we compare the process of developing a digital solution to a house building project. Indeed, the steps must be carried out in a certain order and with qualified people. Let's take the example of a house construction project. In order to have a beautiful construction that is habitable and of high quality, it is necessary to follow certain construction steps and call upon experts (architects, carpenters, electricians, etc.). The same goes for developing your application or making your digital transformation! Architects, engineers, designers, marketing experts. These profiles, necessary for most digital transition projects, will bring their expertise and give you shortcuts to reach your goals that you would not have thought of alone. Also, to maximize the potential of each of these experts, they must be solicited at the right stage. To learn about these steps, we suggest you read our series "From idea to App'".

That being said, you must always keep in mind that the first result of the digital transformation must be simple, and that it must be tested and approved by the people involved!


At this point, it is important to mention that this type of approach is only possible if the working environment and management of your company accept this way of doing things (which we believe is the most viable nowadays). This requires project management with an open-minded team that understands the new digital challenges and wants to simplify its internal processes.

In our next article, which will be the conclusion of this series, discover how we at MobileThinking can support you in your digital transformation project.

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