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To help you meet the challenges your company may face, and transform them into opportunities for growth and innovation, MobileThinking offers two essential consulting services :

1. Customer support in the creation of a specifications document

2. CTO Coaching.

1. Customer support in the creation of a specifications document

  • Understand the customer's needs: in-depth analysis of requirements, objectives, restrictions and expectations
  • Define the project framework
  • Formulate requirements clearly and precisely
  • Reassess and refocus requirements according to project progress
  • Consolidate or separate into several tenders
  • Use case: illustrate how the system or product will be used in real-life scenarios
  • Support until the call for tender: revision, clarification, adjustment as needed.

What are the advantages of using an external company?

Benefit from an external point of view, offering a different and fresh perspective

Get a critical appraisal of the solution

Receive a neutral and fair evaluation, by calling on an external structure that has no history with your company

Anticipate certain elements prior to submission, notably with regard to required technologies, necessary licenses and maintenance requirements

Facilitate the initial cost estimate by having an initial budgetary evaluation of the project

Why MobileThinking ?

We have over 10 years' experience in this field as a company, and more than twenty as individuals

Over the past 4 years, we have successfully helped clients draw up their specifications, which have subsequently been published on 

We are used to answering specifications and therefore are familiar with the key elements to emphasize

We speak the same language as the service providers who will read the specifications

Our experts are able to assess and validate (or invalidate) the technical feasibility of a project

We have an in-depth understanding of needs in a wide range of sectors, including medicine, finance, transport, administration and events


We'll work together to prepare a preliminary estimate that will give you an idea of the budget required for the project. This may be necessary because funds need to be released in advance.
coaching cto

2. CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Coaching

· Advice on strategic decisions related to technology
· Development of team members' technical leadership skills
· Advice on development team management, technical problem solving, project planning
· Alignment of corporate technology objectives with overall business strategy
· Technology investments in line with business needs
· Process optimization
· Mentoring, professional development and training
· Management of technology transitions and organizational changes that may arise due to the adoption of new technologies or changing business needs

What are the advantages of using an external company?

Benefit from total impartiality in the assessment process, promoting transparency and credibility of results

Facilitate and support the management of change within the company

Adapt demand by assigning experts to specific missions, on a part-time or full-time basis, according to the company's needs

Access a wide range of skills and expertise, from a variety of professional backgrounds, enhancing perspectives and proposed solutions

Why MobileThinking ?

The MobileThinking team is made up of several experts trained and specialized in different areas of development such as Backend, Fronted, DevOps, Product Design and many others

The experience we've accumulated in supporting over 80 customer projects ensures that we're in a position to determine the feasibility of a project

We are able to propose different application areas for software development (B2B, B2C, in-house, etc.)

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