Series: From idea to app


You are an entrepreneur, a CEO, or a top manager and you got an idea for an app, and now what?

The dilemma you are having in this moment is absolutely normal: “what are the steps to get my app to the world?”. You are using apps on your iPhone or Android phone or on the web every day and you got your own brilliant app idea. You have to enter the new world of app development. It is a complex one and you are seeking for advice and someone that can concretely bring your project to life.

To properly engineer an app you have to follow some major and important steps. Done right, the app development process has similar steps as architecting and building a new house. Except that an app costs less and can evolve faster of course :).

Let’s build your... house, ehm, app

In technical terms, developing an app means following the application development lifecycle. This development life cycle involves different actors with different competencies and skills. Creating a successful app can involve app architects, UI/UX designers, app developers, marketing experts, and more. In comparison, to build a house we have architects, carpenters, electricians, construction managers, and more. Similarly to the skills to build a house, the skills to develop an app are essential for the success of the project.

The development lifecycle has several main steps. Each step depends on the previous one. In execution order we have:
In the coming days, we will present you each of these phases in detail, describing the required skills as well as the measures to put in place to guarantee the project's success.

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