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You need a great team of developers based in Switzerland? Our in-house development team is expert in mobile and Web development. Call us and let the magic happen.

MobileThinking web and mobile development
You don't speak the "IT" language ? No problem, our team is used to communicate with business people! 

You want direct access to the development team? Easy, all the development is done in-house, here in Geneva!

You have a technological challenge? As PhDs and engineers we bring both innovation and technical expertise together. 


We know the classics, Android, iOS and Web, so don't worry about technology, that's our job. 

Technologies are evolving fast, so we always keep an eye on new great ones to use for our clients.


A Framework is not a barrier. We can use most of the well known ones to build your project.

Of course, we have our favorites like Laravel, Ionic, Vue.js, Angular, Firebase, ARCore, ARKit, Drupal and much more. 

Contact us if you have any question

We are happy to welcome you in our offices for 1 (free) hour discussion in which we'll ask you questions about your project and we understand better how to help you succeed.