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2nd step : Ideation with the collaborators.

Once a concrete project has been identified, it is necessary to think about how best to design it. Indeed, to succeed in a digital transformation implies establishing a strategy that understands the stakes of the organization, that takes into account the culture of the company and the working environment of its employees. As this strategy aims to make the organisation evolve, it is probably the employees who are the first concerned. 

Involving the concerned people

Whether it is all the company's employees, a particular sector or customers, it is essential to involve the people who will be at the centre of this transformation. Indeed, this transition can completely change the way they work and intrinsically modify the internal processes and/or the business model of the company.
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For example, if the objective is to provide a new tool to employees to improve their efficiency and increase their productivity, as we advise in the Design Sprints, we must rely on their participation. They will tell you what they need, what blocking points they face and what they want in terms of user experience. The involvement of the company's employees is an important success factor. We sincerely believe that the value of your company lies largely in them and their knowledge, so it would be a shame not to involve them.

If the objective is to provide a new product to your customers, it will be important to bring together your employees who are in direct contact with them, such as those in marketing or sales, or even to involve the customers themselves!

For example, as part of the CICG project, project managers and event organisers were actively involved in the development of the solution. Imagine the result if they had not been involved in the process of gathering needs and ideas. The tool developed would not have corresponded to their expectations and there is a good chance that it would not have been adopted by all collaborators. Their digital transformation would then have been a failure that would have cost them time (and since time is money...).

Using the right methods

Once the people to be involved in the digital transformation project have been identified, it is time to move on to the ideation stage. Here, the entire team aims to produce a solution that is feasible, viable and accessible to the users involved. For a faultless start, it is mandatory to use the right methods and in the right order! Brainstorming, sketching, interviews, etc... must follow a logical sequence so that the idea can be refined over time. For example, in our design workshops we always propose to start by doing the user journey of the solution. This "golden path" is decided with all the participants and allows us to reach a consensus on the idea to be developed before continuing its elaboration.

Ideation with MobileThinking

At MobileThinking, we encourage the use of the Design Sprint method, which allows you to begin the ideation process with the right tools and make a flawless start in the creation of your project. After 5 days, Design Sprint participants leave with an aligned team, a solution prototyped and tested by the end-users. All of these results allow us to establish clear and precise specifications allowing a company to develop the solution and minimize research and design costs. Finally, the Sprint allows participants to have a roadmap that clearly defines the next steps to be taken to complete the rest of the digital transformation. To learn more, you can read our series of articles on the Design Sprint that discusses the different steps of the method.


Involved employees and good methods are the most important ingredients for highly effective ideation sessions! If you would like a tailor-made support in the ideation of your project you can contact us by email or by phone, we will be delighted to listen to you and discuss your needs.

In our next article of the series, we will discuss the last step that we believe is a state of mind: Think simple. Then you'll have everything you need to develop your strategy and disrupt your market! 

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