Mattia and Carlos at the day
H2020 - Funding Opportunities to Promote
Smart Mobility organized by Euresearch and HES-SO Geneva HEPIA

Organized by Euresearch and the HES⁠-⁠SO Geneva - HEPIA, this event presents funding opportunities that promote research and innovation in the field of smart mobility. Areas covered range from low-carbon and sustainable transport to safe, integrated and resilient transport systems, digital transport and cybersecurity, and the question of future regulation and the relationship to society.
H2020 Eurosearch presentation
The event also aims to bring together the active community on these topics (universities, SMEs, businesses, non-profit organizations) and stimulate the creation of intersectoral collaborations.

Mattia had the opportunity to present MobileThinking as well as our activity in the field via the AVENUE project.
H2020 Eurosearch Mobilethinking presentation
This day was very informative about the possibilities of financing obviously, but also to know the state of the art of the European industry in the field and thus to define the exploitation plan of the results of the AVENUE project.

The SBB made a very informative and motivating presentation about the future of our public transport.
Carlos and Mattia also took the opportunity to make very good contacts of professionals of the sector.

Thanks to Euresearch and the HES-SO and the HEPIA for organizing this beautiful event.