MobileThinking as use case for a
finance master course at University of Lugano

Yesterday, Mattia delivered a talk to the finance master students of Professor Laurent Fresard at University of Lugano. Professor Fresard asked Mattia to present the financial aspects that drove the growth of the first 5 years of MobileThinking.

When we faced the task of preparing the presentation, we were skeptical about the tangible contribution and value that we could bring to the students from our humble experience. We finally discovered that in the first five years we accomplished a great deal of successful ventures. 
In fact, to summarize 5 years in 45 minutes presentation, we had to sit down and revisit year after year. We discovered that as our financial situation evolved, we also evolved as a team, we evolved our infrastructure and partners and, as a consequence, also our services and products. In particular, we understood that we evolved our infrastructure, partners, and services to offer to our clients the best and most tailored help possible. Our focus is, and always will be to be humans serving humans.

You can find the presentation that Mattia gave to the master students of the University of Lugano here, it is a good summary of our last 5 years.
MobileThinking 5 years presentation at USI
To conclude, we take the opportunity to thank professor Laurent Fresard for the invitation and our clients and partners for their contributions in these first 5 years of MobileThinking.