Meet the team

As PhDs and engineers we bring both innovation and technical expertise together.

Our personal skills are heterogeneous and complementary, all together we create a knowledge power that can solve tough challenges in the mobile service world.
Dr. Carlos_Ballester_Lafuente
Carlos has a Ph.D. in Information Systems, specialized in Trust Management and Cooperation Incentives, and an MSc in Security and Mobile Computing. He is currently a project manager and lead researcher at MobileThinking.
Jérôme has an MSc in Computer Science (specialised in Collaborative Systems). He is currently a project manager and chief software developer at MobileThinking.
Jody has an MSc in Services Science & Information System (specialized in eHealth solutions). He is currently the leading manager of MobileThinking and customer product developer.
Kevin has an MSc in Computer Science (specialized in database architecture). He is currently working as project coordinator and is responsible for social communication.
Dr. Mattia_Gustarini
Mattia has a Ph.D. in Information Systems, specialized in human-computer interaction and smartphone users context analysis.
Hassan Helbawi
Hassan has a MSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Information systems from HEC Lausanne. Thus he is double-hatted making him an engineer passionate about business and innovation.
vincent peillex
Currently doing his Master's degree in IT, he is passionate about new technologies and is eager to program following good development practices.
Currently practicing her sleeping skills, Blanca's main contribution to the team is hugging all the team members every morning.

Our advisors

Prof. Dimitri_Konstantas
His main research areas are mobile and wireless multimedia services and applications, with special interest in mobile health and location based services.
Prof. Jean-Henry_Morin
As a concerned citizen, Educator/Teacher, Entrepreneur, Idea generator, Scientist, I'm passionate about exploring new ideas to co-creatively rethink our digital society.
Assoc. Prof. Katarzyna_Wac
Her research interests include Quality of Experience-aware mobile systems and services with special emphasis on support of adaptive multimedia protocols and Quality of Service mechanisms, especially in the mobile healthcare.

Our partners

Creative communication solutions and design
IOS application development and game design
User engagement through Storytelling