Series: Digital Transformation - How to achieve your digital transformation! Conclusion 6/6

MobileThinking accompanies you in the digitisation of your company

Throughout the series, we have mentioned that we have accompanied the Centre International des Conférences de Genève in their digital transition. The aim of the project is to make life easier for CICG employees, to create added value for their clients and added value for their clients' clients. Thus, and for more than two years now, we have been supporting the CICG in the development of a digital tool that meets their objectives.

A digital transformation carried out by the right people and the right methods is a successful digital transformation. MobileThinking accompanies its clients efficiently thanks to its team of experts and uses proven methods.

Let's define your project

You have identified a problem in your company that you want to solve with digital technologies? Do you want to improve the efficiency of your internal processes? Improve and enrich your customers' experience? Evolve your organisation to meet the new digital challenges? All these questions are asked by many companies who want to rethink their strategy and remain competitive in the marketplace. Therefore, the first answer a company needs to find is "Do we need digital?".

At MobileThinking, we determine together your digital transformation project, its necessity, its feasibility and the impact it will have on your organization. Once these phases have been identified and validated, we move on to the ideation phase which will determine the "shape" of your project.
Série : Transformation digitale - Comment réussir sa transformation digitale ! Conclusion 6/6

The ideation together

During the ideation phase, which takes the form of a workshop, participants work together and each brings their expertise and experience to find the best ideas. Several exercises are carried out during the workshop and in a particular order. Indeed, we begin by analysing and studying existing solutions, how they can meet the objectives and what improvements are possible? Then, the participants individually sketch out ideas in the form of diagrams that will then be presented to the group. All these sketches are then subject to a vote by all participants in order to keep the best ideas. This phase allows "illustrating" the solution by determining the functionalities and the storyboard of the target user. Then come, if applicable, the designs of the solution and the very first prototype!

Your prototype

At the end of our Design Sprint, you have an interactive prototype. It is tested and challenged by different users to collect their opinions and remarks. The testers ideally have the profile of the target users of the application, because their remarks will be the most relevant and will allow to set the priorities for modification of the prototype. Finally, together we develop a roadmap to determine the direction the solution should take in order to best meet the users' expectations. You thus have a prototype that has already been tested and approved, which will enable you to establish very precise specifications and thus limit the costs of developing the solution!
Wireframe Prototype Mockup Design Sprint

Let's meet

We have accompanied our clients towards the success of their digital transformation in several areas: insurance, banking, schools and conference centres. With our experience we are at your disposal to discuss your project, its feasibility and its implications. Contact us by phone or via our contact form.

This article is the conclusion of our series on digital transformation. 

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