Series: From idea to app - Develop and Test 4/6

After all the preparation, we are finally at the moment in which all the ideas and concepts (user research, wireframing, prototyping, testing and design) concretise in the actual application. In this step the developers define the technology stack, the data model (database and co.), the interactions between server and client, and how to integrate the design in the front end. They then start to develop by orchestrating all the components together. In the case of the house, we have the definition of the plan for its construction. We have to plan each construction step and the timely interaction of all the actors (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, and more).

The development phase of an app is crucial for its success. So important that it has its own cycle. In few words: planning of features implementation, actual implementation, and testing. These cycles can be as short as one week each and they are usually called sprints. Depending on the development approach, it is possible to define several milestones in which the developers deliver to the product owner (you) an alpha or beta version of the app. The process allows you to test the app while the developers are still actively working on it. It is important to note that the initial version of the app (particular alpha versions) are far from finished but can give you an idea of the progress of the project. In the case of the house you might agree to visit the building site regularly to see how the works progress.
Development cycle - Develop and Test
During the development cycle developers constantly test the app to ensure the best quality. However, there is always something to polish at the end, when everything comes together. That’s why when the app is almost complete you should carefully test the release candidate version. In this phase it is your job to verify that the developers correctly implemented everything has been defined during the preparation steps. At this point the designers are also responsible to perform a verification of the design integration and ask the developers to polish it up. It is like before moving to your new house, usually with the architect, you visit your house and you tests that everything is as planned, details are polished, and everything works correctly (electricity, water, gas, etc).

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