Series: From idea to app - User journey, Wireframe, Prototype, and Test 2/6

This step build upon four important concept: defining the user journey, wireframing, prototyping, and testing.

The user journey is the scenario, the flow your users follow to achieve their goal by using your app. We like to call it: the golden path. It must be the core functionality of your app and have as little features as possible.

Wireframing consists in creating the storyboard of your app following the user journey. Literally, hand drawing each screen of the core functionality of your app. These screens are the blueprints for the prototype.

Prototyping is the realization of faithful model of the app. Digital mockups can be easily made using software like Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slides, InVision, Adobe XD or others.

Finally, the testing phase presents your prototype to some of your target users (usually early adopters and people you specifically selected during marketing research). Testing the prototype allows you to verify your assumptions about the usability of your app, the capacity of it to solve the problem of your users, refine your app flow, and more.
Development cycle - User journey, Wireframe, Prototype, and Test
At MobileThinking, we propose workshops for the user journey definition, creation of wireframe/storyboard, and prototype preparation with instructions on how to properly execute tests with your future users. We also offer a solution of a Design Sprint of 5 consecutive days that does cover all the points above and more. The presence of our team in each of these steps ensures that your project is technically feasible and ready for development. You can find more information about our workshops  here.

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