Series: From idea to app - Deploy and Promote 5/6

The day has finally come! You now have your first app version and you are ready to share it with the world. Depending on the technologies involved in your system, you will need to do several administrative duties to distribute your product to the public. If your app is an iOS app or an Android app (or both) you need to create the necessary accounts in the App Store or in the Google Play store to distribute your app to your user. If your app is web based or needs a backend to work (a server with a database) you will need to find a hosting platform, usually a cloud service to serve your app to your users.

You do not need to worry, at MobileThinking we get you covered also with this step. We have solutions for hosting via our partners and we know how to administratively manage the subscriptions to the different app stores. We can guide you and they care to configure your product on the different platforms for a successful deployment. The most important thing here is that you own the full infrastructure of your product. We can help your baby grow and improve once they are born but you must provide them with a house in which to live.
Development cycle - Deploy and Promote
Now here it comes the most disregarded steps: the promotion of your app. Over the years we saw how product owners undervalue or do not even consider the importance of promoting the app that they hardly created. We came across several people that thought that once their iOS, Android, or web app is out in the world, automatically thousands of users will flock to use it.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to set aside a good budget (in money and time) to promote your app otherwise literally nothing will happen. Imagine for a moment to be a real estate agent. Your real estate company build a house and now you are trying to sell it. If you do not promote it and let people know you are selling the house no one will come to even ask for a quote. Our marketing partners are here to help you establishing a marketing strategy to drive good users to your app.

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