Series: From idea to app - Conclusions

In conclusion, the method to create an application is not necessarily written in stone. As for the construction of a house we can take certain liberties, however if we want our house to stand, electricity to work, water to flow, and more, we have to follow a series of fix steps.

In the case of applications, we have to follow the main steps of the development lifecycle to greatly increase the likelihood that our application will be a success. Even if you follow the steps perfectly you are not guaranteed that your application will be a success. Other external factors, such as competitors in the same market niche, might force you to pivot or abandon the project after having invested time and money. If you do not follow them at all, it is like playing the lottery, and most often you lose. Particularly in the B2C business the competition is very high. Therefore, it is fundamental to have everything in place to fight with competitors and acquire your place in the market.

But it is not only the attractiveness of our app in the market that counts. It must be solid, like a house, without bugs but at the same time flexible to allow for fast iterations and modifications. The application should be of excellent quality for end users but also for developers so that it is maintainable and can evolve over time.

At MobileThinking we are serious about it. We can help you to get started with your plan, help to conceive your application, develop it, and maintaining it over time following the best practices in the field. 

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