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more than 86 billion dollars generated

Mobile applications as we know them are the future or the past? Views differ on the subject. The only thing we are 100% sure is that smartphones and other IT devices are there to stay. Regardless of format, as statistics show, there will always be room for innovation.

If you have an idea that is revolutionary, useful or fun the first thing to do is to learn a little more about the mobile application market. The idea is to do a little market research, to better know the behavior of your future users, but also your future competition.

This article will allow you to quickly realize what the mobile application market represents, the competition there is, but also and especially the opportunities you can grab.

The statistics we mention below are from an excellent article that you will find here:
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Some key figures

  • The total number of mobile application downloads in 2017 ==> 197 billion (a forecast) (Statista)
  • The category of applications where people spend the most time ==> Social networks (29% of users) Source: comScore
  • The most popular app of all categories ==> Facebook (81% of users) (Source: comScore)
  • The application most used by Millennials in 2017 ==> Amazon (35% of users) (Source: BusinessInsider)
  • The daily time spent consuming mobile media in the US in 2017 ==> 2.3 hours (Source: comScore)
  • The average number of applications used per day ==> 9 (Source: TechCrunch)
  • The total number of mobile app publishers ==> 968k (Google Play), 498k (App Store), 75k (Amazon AppStore) (Source: App Annie)
  • The total number of applications in 2017 across all platforms: more than 5.2 million (Source: Statista)
  • The revenue generated by mobile app publishers so far ==> more than $ 86 billion (Source: SmallBizDaily)

Some relevant graphs

App downloads in billions
Total number of mobile application downloads
Source:  Statista
Hours spent on smartphones per month
Nombre d'heure passée sur smartphone
Source:  Statista
Use by platform type and age
Utilisation par type de plateforme et par age
Source:  comScore
Time spent on mobile apps by category
Temps passé sur des applications mobile par catégories
Source:  comScore

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