Day 2 Sketch - Design Sprint - A proven use case 


Tuesday is dedicated to creation. Each participant must do a market study in order to collect as much information as possible and then let their imagination go wild. Create, sketch, draw multiple solutions, choose the best and then start again. You will see, it's very fun.

The goal of the day is to generate ideas without going into debates as a poorly supervised brainstorming can do.

Here is the list of the objectives of Tuesday:
  • nalyze and study existing solutions and possible improvements
  • sketch ideas individually
  • prepare the exhibition of ideas
  • recruit test users

Results of Tuesday for the project AVENUE

In the coming articles, we will expose some elements of our Sprint AVENUE. Indeed, the amount of information created is such that to describe everything here could drown the message. So we decided to describe only a small part of the results obtained.

Study existing solutions

The results of this exercise naturally turned towards major technology companies such as UBER (in particular for their ways of showing the vehicle's position on the map), but also on less technological elements. For example, we studied how airlines manage passengers’ stress with the help of flight attendants. We identified this issue as an important case for meeting the long-term goal set on day one ("Making the user experience seamless and secure in autonomous public transportation vehicles usage focusing on non fully autonomous people".). 

Sketch ideas

Based on the research done at the beginning of the day, we started to create! Some things were feasible, some less, some were simple, others extremely complex. The goal is to create, without putting any limits to the imagination.

Preparing the exhibition

To end the day smoothly, the entire team prepared the museum exhibition of sketches that the Sprint’s participants will visit the next day. 

Recruiting testers

After all this work, it was now possible to recruit future testers. Indeed, we had all the necessary information to carefully choose the categories of testers to cover all the needs. For example, a technophile person and one who is not. A person who takes public transport frequently, a person with reduced mobility, etc.

It is important to do this in advance to make sure you have at least 5 testers available for Friday. 

End of the day

The individual proposals allowed us to generate a large number of ideas without the participants drowning in endless debates. During this day, the goal was mainly to produce content, which we then analyzed and sorted in the following days.

Stay informed

In a few days, we will publish the next article in this series which will talk about the "Day 3 - Decide" of the Design Sprint, so if you want to know more about this day and the AVENUE project, follow us on LinkedIn.
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