2023 Review
& Christmas Holidays

As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to take a look back on the highlights and significant events that mattered in 2023.

Here's a retrospective of all the meaningful events and successes that defined this wonderful year for MobileThinking. 

2023 Review ⏪

The team got bigger !

This year, not one, not two, but three individuals joined the MobileThinking team.

Firstly, there were Jules Bursik and Mipam Guillot, both of whom completed their final-year internship, a requirement to obtain the Bachelor's in Web Development & Applications offered by CREA Geneva, within our company. We really appreciated their personality, energy, motivation, and dedication, leading us to keep them as collaborators. They both currently hold the position of Full Stack Developer at MobileThinking.

Then came Roseline Martin, who joined us in October to work on the company's communications. Now she’s our Junior Digital Marketing Specialist, responsible for creating content in order to post on social media and on the website, and developing a communication strategy for the years to come.

It has been a pleasure to welcome them as part of our team this year, especially as they significantly contribute to lowering the average age at MobileThinking. We're extremely pleased with the team's performance and atmosphere.

For that, a big THANK YOU ! 

Several projects have been accomplished

Many projects have been completed this year. Some are confidential, while others are still in development. Here are a few of the projects we can present to you.

This is a central project for us, as it involves a company in which MobileThinking has invested alongside Loyco and Piguet Galland Bank, and it's now reaching maturity. Indeed, this year we took the opportunity to test the solution, thanks to the trust of its first clients. The year 2024 will be a turning point for this startup as we aim to acquire approximately ten clients with the arrival of a new CEO.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the project : https://benefitme.ch/
Fondation des parkings

The Parking Foundation has once again placed its trust in us for a major project involving their digital infrastructure. We'll be delighted to discuss this project at the beginning of 2024 with more details.


L’école Moser

Loyal for many years, we've reached a significant milestone in the development of Moser School's extranet by adding the final pieces to the structure. We thank them for their trust and long collaboration.


Johdi Services

Johdi Services, who have trusted us since 2016, continue to evolve their digital suites. We've strengthened our ties with them by formalizing a partnership. Again, we'll discuss the Suite's developments in more detail at the beginning of the year.



At the request of the Independent Speech Therapists Center of Geneva, we created a platform allowing patients to fill out consultation requests through a form containing all the necessary information to communicate.



The Fluxum Foundation reached out to us in order to provide a complete makeover for their website. We collaborated to deliver an interface that enables visitors to navigate seamlessly and immerse themselves into a more captivating online experience.



An intense project, filled with challenges, but incredibly motivating. ULTIMO is a long-term project that will still require us approximately 3 more years of work. Thanks to all the project partners.


Chemins de l’inclusion

Another fantastic project in collaboration with Ulrich Fischer (long-standing partner), aiming to explore RTS archives that are related to any kind of disabilities.



Between the Bachelor's direction and the teaching of Frontend and Mobile development courses, CREA engages a part of our team throughout the year. We are particularly pleased with this partnership as it allows us to share our knowledge with younger generations while having a privileged view of the multiple talents that emerge from it.


Forecasts for 2024 ⏩

Projects have been initiated and will be completed next year.

Here are a few teasers for next year.
Le 28 - Ortra Genève

A project that promises to be intense both in its conception and development. Its objective is to highlight the healthcare and social professions.
Le 28 - Ortra Genève
Le 28 - Ortra Genève
Bord Cadre film

In a new twist, we've just launched a new project with Ulrich Fischer in the realm of films and culture. It's a partially confidential project for which we're sharing a few images in a sneak peek.
Bord Cadre

The team will go even bigger !

We will be welcoming Safia Halkoum in January, a student from CREA Geneva, who will be joining us to undertake her final-year internship in the company. We are looking forward to sharing the upcoming months with her.

Happy Holidays ✨

And with that, the 2023 season comes to an end !

The MobileThinking team sincerely thanks you for your trust all this time and wishes you all a wonderful holiday season !

We would also like to announce that MobileThinking will take a short break from December 25th, 2023, to January 8th, 2024.

It's the perfect time to gather with family or friends and recharge for the upcoming year, embracing whatever it brings in the best possible way.

Looking forward to seeing you again in 2024 !

Happy Holidays ! ✨