Roseline Martin - Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

Her education

Roseline obtained an artistic maturity in applied arts and subsequently pursued a Commerce CFC at André-Chavannes, where she completed her CFC with an integrated bilingual professional maturity in ENG/FR. With two maturities obtained, she decided to pursue a bachelor's degree, which she is currently in the process of completing. She is in her third year at CREA Geneva, studying digital marketing and communication.

In order to apply the theory learned in her courses, she has joined our team as a Junior Digital Marketing Specialist. Roseline has the opportunity to leverage her skills and gain valuable experience.

@ MobileThinking

Roseline pays close attention to details and possesses a keen artistic sense, which enables her to create visuals and easily envision posts for our social media and website.

She has a significant understanding of social media and can analyze the necessary actions to make communication relevant, clear, and seamless.

She aims to enable MobileThinking to share its purpose, goals, and actions through digital means.

As a person

She is passionate about Japanese culture. She watches a lot of anime, regularly reads manga, and is currently learning Japanese.

Above all, she loves to travel. She is curious about exploring the world and the diverse cultures that inhabit it.

In her free time, she practices digital drawing, engages in interior decoration, and spends time with her friends, family, and pets, with whom she enjoys nature walks.

Her distinctive trait is her love for thrilling experiences!