Double graduation : Double gratification ! 


The Bachelor quest

More than three years ago, an exciting journey began for Mipam Guillot and Jules Bursik when they started their education at CREA Geneva. Their goal was to obtain the valuable Bachelor's degree in Web Development & Applications offered by CREA.

Throughout their educational journey, they gained both theoretical and practical experience. Through their active involvement, motivation, guidance from instructors who shared their knowledge, and the internships they pursued during their studies, Mipam and Jules honed their skills in the complex field of web development.

Moreover, they did their third-year internship at MobileThinking. Their motivation, dynamism, and abilities were key factors in our decision to keep them with us in the company. 

Rewarded Journey

Today, we are proud to announce the double success of our colleagues, Mipam Guillot and Jules Bursik, both of whom have obtained their Bachelor's degree in Web Development & Applications.

Their academic achievements were more than satisfying. Mipam received a standing ovation during the graduation ceremony, while Jules was named Class Valedictorian and, naturally, graduated with honors
We warmly congratulate them on their success and are incredibly proud to have them on our team !