Fluxum - Complete visual overhaul

The Fluxum Foundation

Founded in 2002 in Geneva, the Fluxum Foundation aims to promote culture with a particular focus on dance, both within Switzerland and abroad.

Since 2003, the Flux Laboratory, managed by the foundation, has been producing contemporary dance performances, artistic performances, and hosts visual arts and design exhibitions.

The client's initial need

Two years after the publication of its website, Le Flux desired to treat itself to a total redesign to further highlight its various projects through a more immersive and captivating online experience for its visitors.

What was our approach ?

We received beautiful mock-ups from Fluxum. Our approach focused on understanding the client's needs, with the primary goal of implementing this new design as faithfully as possible.

During development, we faced stimulating challenges, particularly concerning the display of the Anarchive, whether in a 'grid' or 'chronological' format. These more complex aspects required technical expertise and in-depth thinking to find solutions that meet both the functional and aesthetic requirements of the project.

At each stage of the project, we made crucial decisions to ensure the seamless integration of new features and provide an optimal user experience. Even when faced with significant challenges, our team adapted, ensuring the project's success. We maintained open communication with the Fluxum team at every key moment of development, and we thank them warmly for their collaboration.


Desktop version


Mobile version


In conclusion

This collaboration has been excellent, characterized by the flexibility and intelligence demonstrated by both teams throughout the development process. Open communication and the shared determination to find elegant solutions have been the pillars of our journey.

What is the future of this project ?

As for the next steps, our collaboration will extend beyond the completion of the project. We are committed to maintaining an ongoing relationship with Fluxum, providing post-launch support, and exploring future opportunities for improvement and innovation.




In production


Development and Integration of Design


Vue.js & Laravel




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