Mipam Guillot - Junior Full Stack Developer

His education

Mipam is passionate about new technologies and web and mobile application development. He obtained a bilingual professional maturity diploma in ENG/FR, as well as a CFC in commerce in Geneva, which equipped him with strong skills in business operations. After a year of work, he joined CREA Geneva to continue his studies, where he earned his bachelor's degree in web and mobile application development.

During his studies, Mipam was in search of an internship opportunity to enhance his front-end and back-end skills. This is how he saw the chance to join MobileThinking. He was excited about applying the knowledge acquired during his studies and further developing his skills while collaborating with a team of professionals.

Before joining MobileThinking, Mipam had already gained valuable experience in the professional world by taking on several jobs and embarking on a significant project related to Web3.

@ MobileThinking

Mipam is a person with a logical and structured mind, which allows him to easily understand complex concepts. However, he doesn't settle for just logic, he also has some creativity that allows him to design unique and engaging graphical environments.

The Frontend and Backend development is the perfect playground for Mipam, who can use his logical thinking to structure his code and his creativity to design the graphics.

Mipam is eager to develop his skills during his internship at MobileThinking, while bringing his enthusiasm to daily life. He is determined to learn as much as possible during this internship. He is convinced that this internship will be a professionally enriching experience for him.

As a person

He enjoys physical activities and challenges. He loves sailing and discovering new horizons on the water (seas, lakes, rivers, etc.).

In parallel, his passion for space led him to explore the stars and the mysteries of the universe. However, his greatest affection is in the mountains, especially those in Chamonix where his family is from.

He likes hiking and climbing summits, feeling great energy and freedom on top of the mountains.