Projet Le 28 : Un nouveau défi
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Le 28

The association

The association Le 28 is a space dedicated to individuals interested in careers in the health and social sectors.

Located in Geneva, it provides walk-in services as well as the option to contact them via email or phone. The Le 28 advisory team assists people in obtaining information about various professions in these fields. The association regularly organizes events such as thematic conferences, workshops, and job presentations, fostering interaction between professionals and those interested.

Le 28 positions itself as a hub for exchange and a resource center for anyone seeking guidance or information about opportunities in the health and social sectors in Geneva.

What is the project about ? 

The project focuses on highlighting careers in the fields of health and social services by providing detailed job profiles. Each profile includes a comprehensive job description, highlights the required skills, and features professional testimonials to offer a concrete perspective.

Users have access to documentary resources, information about daily professional life, news, professional pathways, career advancement prospects, relevant job statistics, and an exploration of related professions.

The main objective is to showcase careers rather than focusing solely on associated training.

The project also incorporates an interactive onboarding process. When users access the site, they are guided through a series of questions designed to profile the user, taking into account preferences, skills, and interests. Using this information, the site then filters careers that best match the user's profile.

How significant is this project ? 

The main significance of the project lies in its ability to alleviate the shortage of staff in the health and social field.

The second crucial aspect of the project lies in its capacity to provide comprehensive resources and a personalized experience for individuals seeking to pursue careers in these fields.

Some visuals

Le 28 - Ortra Genève
Le 28 - Ortra Genève
Le 28 - visuel

What is the challenge for MobileThinking ?

A notable aspect of this project is the full responsibility for the design of the website in addition to its development. This challenge involves transforming an existing artistic direction into something more modern and youthful, while preserving its integrity.

This challenge motivates us to push the boundaries of creativity while maintaining an optimal user experience, a crucial aspect for effectively engaging the audience that Le 28 aims to reach.