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Design Sprint - Loyco & Piguet Galland

Design Sprint – Loyco & Piguet Galland

In January 2019, we were contacted by Loyco to help them design one of their future products. This request was perfectly in line with the Design Sprint. Therefore, in partnership with the bank Piguet Galland, Loyco decided to try the Design Sprint experience with us. In this article, for obvious confidentiality reasons, we will not […]
MobileThinking Frontend developpement

What’s a front-end developer at MobileThinking

Today there are hundreds of ways to develop a web application with hundreds of different technologies and their numbers keep climbing! At Mobilethinking, we use the most robust technologies and the most adapted to the needs of our customers thanks to a constant technology watch. Our developers remain up-to-date by reading the latest technical news. […]