The front-end developer at MobileThinking

Today there are hundreds of ways to develop a web application with hundreds of different technologies and their numbers keep climbing!

At Mobilethinking, we use the most robust technologies and the most adapted to the needs of our customers thanks to a constant technology watch.
Our developers remain up-to-date by reading the latest technical news.

In this article, we present the technological environment we use at MobileThinking for front-end application development.

The basics

First of all, it is essential to have a good knowledge of the main technologies for web development, i.e. HTML, CSS and Javascript. A very important thing in CSS is to understand how the positioning of HTML elements in a page works (layouting), and to become familiar with media queries.

Then, understanding JavaScript by manipulating the DOM, making API calls and grasping the concepts of synchronous and asynchronous requests.  

Go further

To help us with the layouting of pages, we mainly use Bootstrap.

The trend of web development is going towards modularity and components. Thus, it is necessary to address the new Javascript specifications that help to develop with this paradigm, such as ES6 or the overlay developed by Microsoft, Typescript, which makes possible to add static typing to the language.

Thanks to package managers like NPM or Yarn, we can simply take advantage of the libraries and frameworks provided by the open source community. Moreover, we currently use the frameworks VueJS and Angular for the development of front-end components. One of the advantages of angular is that it is convenient afterwards to be integrated into hybrid mobile-desktop applications using Ionic for example.

Finally, it is very important to have good test strategy in place from the beginning of development by using unit tests, functional tests, but also behaviors tests! The use of a particular framework will depend on the project, but we usually use Jest and Karma.

If you like this environment, you will find below our front-end developer roadmap, and a form to join our team.

Looking forward to hear from you!

The front-end developer Roadmap

The front-end developer checklist

Hassan Helbawi, for MobileThinking