The backend developer at MobileThinking 

Today there are hundreds of ways to develop a web application with hundreds of different technologies and their numbers keep climbing!

At Mobilethinking, we use the most robust technologies and the most adapted to the needs of our customers thanks to a constant technology watch.

In this article, we present the technologies we use to develop the Backend of web and mobile applications.

The technologies

The main technologies used at MobileThinking for Backend developments are PHP and Nodejs. These technologies are robust, well documented and have a very active open source community.

Moreover, thanks to package managers like Yarn for NodeJS and Composer for PHP, we can use the libraries and frameworks developed by the open source community or create and share ours.

For instance, the framework ExpressJs is ideal because it provides a myriad of tools for the development of applications, such as a simplified management of REST requests and a clean construction of APIs.

When the project is in PHP, we mostly use the Laravel or Lumen (if the only requirement is a lightweight API ) frameworks which, for example, greatly facilitates the management of the routes or the communication with the database thanks to Eloquent.

For scalable mobile Backends, costs reduction, flexibility, and fast pace development, we often choose Firebase because it offers a range of tools to manage user authentication, notifications, a cloud database or even statistical tools.

SQL ? NOSQL ? For the database, our choice will mainly depend on the project but we opt generally for MYSQL or MongoDB.

Not to mention unit and functional tests thanks to PHPUnit and Jest!

If you like this environment, you will find below our Backend developer Roadmap and a form to join our team.

So let us work together!

Your backend developer roadmap

Your backend developer checklist

Hassan Helbawi, for MobileThinking