Jérôme Marchanoff - Co_Founder


Jérôme obtains a master's degree in science and technology of information and communications within the University of Savoie.

He then worked for two years as a developer in various companies before joining the University of Geneva as a research assistant where he met the future founders of our company.

It is naturally and with enthusiasm that they decide together to create MobileThinking.

@ MobileThinking

Jerome's strong characteristic is his constant positivity. He also has an ease of adaptation and learning. He knows how to solve the most complex technical problems and does not hesitate to take up the most daring challenges.

His future vision for MobileThinking: see the company continue to grow and get ever more interesting and rewarding projects, acquire a larger number of startup-type clients and focus his work on a more reflective and conceptual aspect than on actual realization. Jerome hopes that this will be realized through the design workshops that we are doing with our clients.

His colleagues perceive him as being a person full of energy, always looking for the good side of things. Simply born to be a real hacker!

As a person

On the private side of things, Jérôme is a big fan of mountains, climbing and will stop at nothing!

With a little time and food, no problem can resists him!

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