Jody Hausmann - Co-Founder


In 2001 and with his CFC in mechanics, Jody worked as a mechanical designer and team leader in the R & D department at Rollvis SA, a company specialized in micro-mechanics.

In 2005, realizing that he did not want to continue this line of work, he quit his job in order to change his career. He makes the choice to get a Bachelor in information system at the University of Geneva. Very quickly, Jody also gets a Master degree in the same branch.

From 2008 to 2014, he worked as a researcher at the University of Geneva and took part in several projects using smartphones sensors, mainly in the health field.

That's when Jody meets the other employees of MobileThiking.
MobileThinking web and mobile development

@ MobileThinking

Currently, at MobileThinking, he is responsible for Web and Mobile development, project management and also the administrative part of the company.

Jody is a well organized person who loves to learn continuously. He is also a smart person with a long-term vision. It is with ease that he shares his feelings with the other members of the company.

His future vision for MobileThinking: While maintaining the quality of service offered to customers, Jody wants a growth of the scientific research pole, because he does not forget that it is what brought together all the founders of MobileThinking.

As a person

On the private side, Jody likes to travel (we'll tell you a bit more soon) and play video games.

Virtuoso project manager, he will know how to deal with your requests and guide you to success.

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