Vincent Peillex - Full stack developer


From an early age, Vincent is attracted by the computer field.

After obtaining his Technological University Diploma in Computer Science at the University Technological Institute of Annecy, Vincent has continued his studies at the Savoie Mont Blanc University in order to obtain a master's degree in computer science.

Vincent has already done a three-month internship at the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), working on the development of a C# multi-parameter probe data processing software.

Then he completed his first and second year of master's internship at MobileThinking. We were happy to accompany him in this last important step of his studies and especially to have fully integrated into the team as a full stack developer since October 2019.

@ MobileThinking

Vincent is very responsible and friendly. Thanks to his strong analytical mind, he knows how to identify and solve problems quickly.

His future vision for MobileThinking: he aspires to a continuous growth of the company and hopes to obtain interesting missions of which the new technology will be the key word.

Vincent's strong point is his passion for new technologies. He likes to program following the good development practices. It is also a stubborn amateur of beautiful code, its relentlessness and concern for the norm knows no limit!

His colleagues perceive him as a very competent, open-minded person with the desire to learn new things over time.

As a person

On the private side, Vincent loves music, especially the electric guitar. He also enjoys cycling and hiking, which keeps him in contact with nature and the mountains.

We are delighted to count Vincent among us as he brings us every day a fresh and new look at current technologies!

The latest news of Vincent

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