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This week, joHdi company is in the spotlight.

We had the opportunity to speak with the charming Pauline Tabet, director of the company and would like to share with you the outcome of this interview to learn more about how they work and about our collaboration.

But first and foremost, here is a brief presentation of their company.
But who is joHdi?
joHdi was founded at the end of 2015, in Lausanne, by Jonathan Di Bennardo with the support of Philippe Doudin. Currently the firm has 4 employees.

Mainly, this company helps you to boost your career by putting at your disposal, on their website "", some jobs offers and information on the various companies that offer them. You benefit from expert advice (HR specialists and consultants) and tutorials that will enable you to create your CV and cover letters to obtain and pass your job interviews.

JoHdi Service - which is also the real name of the company - provides visibility and helps companies develop their employer brand. In other words, this service helps them to set up a more attractive and entertaining marketing and HR strategy through videos, photos and authentic and original texts with current means and trends.

In addition, this service develops the "careers" tab to make job seekers want to apply to their clients and build their loyalty.
Here, now, is the report of our exchange with Pauline:

Why did they choose joHdi as company name?
"Don't look too far, it's simply the abbreviation of Jonathan Di Bennardo's first and last name!"

What is the joHdi's strong point?
"The desire to create original and authentic content for businesses."

What is your success achieved?
"Our success is represented by their articles. There are more than 250 articles on with visualization counts reaching 4 digits in most of them."

What is your future vision?
"To become the leader in Switzerland in terms of employer brand advice."

Why did you choose us?
"To be honest, the choice was made by recommendation of our partner for the design and we were totally satisfied by this choice.”

What did you appreciate about our collaboration?
"Without hesitating the reactivity. When I have a question, I get an answer the same day. Then, I appreciate the speed of understanding our needs as well as the speed of realization. Above all, I appreciate that the given deadlines are perfectly respected. During our exchanges, we speak the same language. In particular, MobileThinking adapts its own to put itself at my basic level of technical knowledge. And that I particularly appreciate."

Can you describe in your own words our approach. What did we do with you to solve your problem(s)?
"First, Jérôme and Jody tried to understand joHdi's field of activity by asking questions or with examples. They are able to explain you that anything is possible but that you just have to take the time to find the right solution because it is not necessarily the first one you think of that is the best."

If you were to recommend us to other companies/start-ups what would you tell them about us?
"I would say that at MobileThinking, there is a very positive state of mind and a great enthusiasm to do things while remaining realistic because everything has a cost and requires time. I think that these two elements, the grain of madness and the feet on the ground, are precious for a startup company."

What areas do you think we should improve?
"Moving to Lausanne ???? !"
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MobileThinking team thanks Pauline Tabet for her time and for answering to our questions with transparency and kindness.