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MOUNTAINCRAFT – A design sprint in the mountains and in slippers !

In partnership with Nicolas Croquet from La Courroie de Transmission, , we were commissioned by Marie-Elodie Perga, professor at the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment at the University of Lausanne, to support a group of researchers from different backgrounds in the ideation and design of a video game prototype.
Conclusion - Design Sprint - Un cas d'utilisation qui a fait ses preuves

Conclusion – Design Sprint – A proven use case

The result of a sprint can vary according to the challenge, but also according to the results of the interviews. It is possible that the result leads to a new idea and therefore to a new sprint or a reorientation of the initial idea. These cases are not considered a failure, but an opportunity, because […]
Day 5 Test - Design Sprint - A proven use case

Day 5 Test – Design Sprint – A proven use case

The Sprint started with a big challenge, a motivated team of experts and … not much more. On Friday, the team has already achieved a great deal of work creating promising solutions, choosing the best one and building it’s prototype, and all this in a collaborative way. The goal of Friday is to go even […]