Why design sprint accelerate
 innovation ?

Design sprint
Over the past few years, Design Sprint has been increasing in popularity across companies of various sectors. And this is not surprising, because more and more companies are becoming aware of its potential to produce innovative ideas with a real impact.

Design Sprint, a compendium of ideas

If you haven't had the opportunity to read our series on Design Sprint you should know that Design Sprint is a 5-day design process that allows you to quickly materialize ideas, develop them, and make a tested prototype with real users. Why is Design Sprint said to be an innovation boost? Let's study this in 4 points :

1. A multidisciplinary team
2. A visual communication
3. Limited time to focus on the essentials
4. End users involved 

A multidisciplinary team at the service of the ideation

Engineers, designers, project managers, clients... Design Sprint participants come with their knowledge and experience to challenge a new idea from many angles. They all come together in the same room to collaborate, design, test, and, most importantly, make decisions together.

By bringing everyone together in the same room, Design Sprint allows all skills to contribute to a final result thought by experts from several fields. With these different fields represented by each team member, communication can be tedious since everyone's vocabulary is different. In this case, poor communication is a problem that can slow down the smooth running of Design Sprint. 

Visual communication

Design Sprint unleashes the creative skills of the team. From the very beginning, sprint participants are sensitized to the importance of visualization within the creative process. Since they will have several opportunities to express their ideas using diagrams and other sketches. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Participants will therefore adapt their communication so that all team members understand.

Focus on the essentials

The design sprint allows you to focus on the essential and for good reason! The short 5-day format forces participants not to get lost and to develop only the main feature(s) of your idea.

To do so, at the beginning of the Sprint, the participants must create the user's red thread and decide accordingly on the prototype that will be developed during the week.  

Involving users

The last day of the Design Sprint will allow the prototype to be tested by the targeted users. The goal is to collect feedback quickly through interviews, which will allow the team to make decisions on the next steps of the project.

The advantage of this approach is that the team will be able to restart the process quickly if the prototype doesn't please, taking advantage of user feedback.  

After the sprint begins the marathon

In 5 days, you develop the prototype of a new innovative solution that you present and validate with users.

But this is only the beginning. Its validation will give the top start for the next step: an endurance race.

Indeed, depending on your project, you may need to raise funds to finance its development. The prototype created during the Design Sprint week will be a major asset in presenting the solution to investors, especially since your prototype will have been validated by your target users! In addition, you will surely have to complete the team that will carry out your project and establish a "go to market" and marketing communication strategy.

Do you want to develop a "go to market" strategy for your application? Read this!  All you need to know about Growth Hacking.

Design Sprint at MobileThinking

For us, Design Sprint is first and foremost a corporate philosophy that allows all stakeholders in a project to be aligned with the project's objectives.

For more than 6 years now, MobileThinking has been accompanying its partners in their innovation projects by strongly encouraging them to start their project with a Design Sprint. As a matter of fact, our digital expertise allows them to shape their solution by already taking into account its technical aspect.

Here are a few opinions of clients who started their project with a Design Sprint: Laurent Charbonnier: "Design Sprint over one week. Brilliant result. Top team, involved and inspired. Beware, we can come back at any time! » Christophe Barman: "Great moment of inspiration spent with the team during a 5-day design sprint. Pro, nice, and efficient... MobileThinking was a key factor in the launch of our project! »

We also recommend that you read our series of articles on Design Sprint to familiarize yourself with its concept.