How do web applications serve
digital transformation ?

digital transformation
It is important to remember that the success of a digital transformation is focused on human. That is to say, on the people inside and outside the company and on the very culture of the organization.

Definition of digital transformation

A digital transformation refers to the process that consists, for a company, of integrating digital technologies into its activities.

This involves significant organizational, managerial and cultural changes, but can also involve changes in the company's business model.

A digital transformation implies not only the use of digital technologies as such, but also changes in working and management methods for the future and innovation. 

Two methods stand out, Lean Startup and Design Thinking, which have a common goal: innovation.

Design Sprint is also one of the methods used to foster innovation but unlike the first two, its goal is to validate an idea by following a methodology rigorously spread over 5 days!

Find 2 concrete examples of digital transformation, the one of LEGO which was on the verge of bankruptcy and the one of Kodak which missed the digital turn: Why is digital transformation important for my company ?

What is a web application?

A web application (or PWA for Progressive Web Application), is in the broadest sense a program, a tool executed via a web browser and hosted on a server. No installation is required as it is the case for a mobile application that can be downloaded on the different stores, IOS, Android.

You can nevertheless install shortcuts to access your applications more easily and quickly from the home screen of your smartphone or on the desktop of your computer.
Web applications

Web applications in our daily life

Web applications have completely changed the way companies work.

They have revolutionized and fluidified communication and collaboration with Slack or Google Meet. Word processing with Google Doc or Dropbox Paper. Payment management with Spendesk. The distribution and organization of work with Jira or Trello. Payroll management with Payfit etc... And the list goes on and on.

Whether it's B2B or B2C web applications, internal or external, the scope for PWAs is simply unlimited. They apply to every department in the company and much more. 

The objective of a digital transformation

The objective of a digital transformation strategy is to identify and evaluate the potential of technology to modify and create new sustainable business models in order to accompany the company in its development and make its competitive environment fit for purpose.

This need to transform the company must intervene as quickly as possible to consolidate its lead over its competitors but also to respond to new consumer/customer habits.

In the banking sector, for example, new players have emerged such as the N26 bank, taking over some traditional banking institutions that are still reluctant to change and have not taken into account the changing habits of customers. 

One of our partners who have chosen to make a digital transformation is the Moser School. They have chosen to offer students, parents and teachers a web platform that allows them to access student information (grades, classes, homework) and school information (canteen menu, school trip, notifications). For more information, we invite you to read the post about the project: Moser school has its family portal.


As we have just seen, the digital transformation involves above all the employees. The technology then comes to translate this willingness to change in order to continue to increase its presence in a market.

Web applications are the technology, the tool to achieve the objectives of this transformation. 

At MobileThinking we accompany our clients in their digital transformation in various fields (HR, Health, Finance, Education, Events, Mobility...). On this subject you can find our projects right here

If you have any questions about web application development or if you would like to be accompanied in your digital transformation through various workshops, we would be happy to meet you.