10 Years of MobileThinking


We are celebrating our 10th anniversary ! 🎉

 You might already know it or not, but MobileThinking is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year !

To commemorate this very special occasion for us, we invite you to dive with us into a time-travel journey during which we will relive each of these 10 years.

Every month, you'll have the opportunity to discover the key moments that brought us to 2024 and the challenges we faced, year after year.

2014 : MobileThinking's first year

To start this journey in style, hop into your DeLorean and set the destination to 2014.

Now, we'd like to call upon your imagination. It's the year 2014 ; the movie Frozen is a hit, Apple has just launched the iPhone 6, and influencers are taking on the Ice Bucket Challenge on social media.

Five people are sitting around a table in a pub, chatting while sipping on beers. They gather here every week, engaging in hours-long conversations.

The first, the tallest among them, exudes a lot of confidence and has a great sense of humor. That's Kevin.

The second one is a bit more low-key and serious, he speaks with a charming Italian accent. His name is Mattia.

The third one has boundless energy, talks fast, and prefers climbing mountains over staying in his seat. That's Jérôme.

The fourth one always has impeccable hair, no rebellious strands on him, and he's the loudest among them. He goes by Carlos.

The fifth one, who still has a few hairs left, has a very laid-back temperament and seems calmer. That's Jody.
MobileThinking - 2014 - RDVs

A common passion

One thing brings our five homies together: they share a common passion, and it's not beer, at least not the one we're talking about today. What drives their conversations is their shared passion for web and mobile app development.

Their weekly meetings lasted for nearly a year. A year is what it took for Jérôme, Jody, Kevin, Mattia, and Carlos to develop ideas and establish a company. Initially, they wanted to build a company around creating a product (Give Me Five) while also offering services.

Over time, it was the service that took the lead. Therefore, they began developing websites and mobile applications for their first clients.

And yes, that's how MobileThinking SARL was born 10 years ago !
MobileThinking - 2014 - Signature
Above, you can see the photo taken during the signing (one of the rare moments when you can see our 5 associates wearing a shirt). Captured by the notary himself, as you can notice from the photo's quality, he wasn't very comfortable with new technologies.

You have to start somewhere

The team was then made up of 2 collaborators: Jérôme and Jody. At that time, they had neither an established office, nor a location, nor even a salary, and gathered at the University of Geneva, where the other associates were still working.

In 2014, their first collaborations also began, notably with STICS and 8bitstudio, whom we want to thank.

This is how the MobileThinking adventure began. With an administrative structure in place, motivation at its peak, and a strategy in mind, all that's left is to dive in !

See you in 1 month to follow the first steps.

The year 2015, to be continued next month..