10 Years of MobileThinking


We are celebrating our 10th anniversary ! 🎉 : the next chapter

 We're happy to reconnect with you to continue this journey that retraces the MobileThinking adventure! Remember, a month ago, we left our 5 co-founders in 2014.

The team was then made up of 2 collaborators: Jérôme and Jody. At that time, they had neither established office, nor premises, nor even a salary. The other partners, meanwhile, were still working at the University of Geneva.

Here we are now in 2015 (yes, time flies here), and we find Jérôme, Jody, Kevin, Mattia and Carlos to witness the next part of their journey with them.

Did you say available space ?

Turns out Dimitri Konstantas's wife (Dimitri is the director of the department at the University of Geneva where the associates of MobileThinking had worked together for several years.) was renting a space in Acacias that she wanted to sublet for a while. That's how our five associates finally snagged a spot to pursue their passion. Oh, and by the way, the team now boasts three collaborators: Jérôme, Jody, and Carlos!

That's where they managed to make their first essential office purchases. First up was a printer (sadly, it bit the dust three months ago), a microwave that's still chugging along, and of course, the most crucial one, drum roll please, the coffee machine!

It took several paintbrush strokes and some renovations to turn what was originally an art studio into developers' offices. Let's also give credit to the monumental effort it took to move 6000 kilos of Greek statues from one place to another.

The meetings and projects that marked 2015

A meeting had taken place a few years earlier, that of Ulrich Fischer, Kevin, and Jody. They had worked together on a common project. This meeting led to the birth of many projects. The first two to have been completed that year were :

The free application Art sans Rdv offered an immersive experience allowing users to discover the Plainpalais area in Geneva, as well as the artworks it hosts. A pleasant stroll through a constellation of comments where it was possible to compose one's own story at one's own pace.

Then the Loretan app, which translates into an immersion into the audiovisual memory of the Swiss mountaineer, Erhard Loretan. Allowing users to relive certain important moments of this enthusiast's life through unseen videos, locations, characters, exploits, and poignant testimonies. Another usage mode, entitled "Marche ton 8’000" ("Walk your 8,000"), allows everyone to climb the world's summit in the company of Erhard Loretan, as long as 8,000 meters are walked (on flat ground, in circles...). After reaching the 8,000-meter mark, the user can celebrate with Loretan and his companions, the victory of one of the Himalayan peaks.

In addition to the partnership with Ulrich Fischer and the two resulting projects, the MobileThinking team had the opportunity to work on the development of other solutions.

There was notably the development of the Abbatiale de Romainmôtier application, which allows for a self-guided and interactive tour of one of the oldest Romanesque buildings in Switzerland. The application also offers personalized photo and video content based on your location within the Abbatiale through the use of Bluetooth beacons.

As well as the application dedicated to the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Geneva. This one was called the Dual Track Recording Tool and its purpose was to provide audio files in a foreign language that students could listen to while simultaneously recording their translation, which they could then listen to again later.

E-Com Expo in Geneva

An event dedicated to networking, digital transition, and technological challenges? It's an ideal place to meet our team, who were able to exchange ideas with other professionals by exhibiting at the trade show that year.
salon e-com

A new tradition ?

 Can a team of people working together truly consider themselves a cohesive team without Team Building? Maybe you'll be able to give us the answer... Anyway, a new tradition was born in 2015 at MobileThinking gathering in a non-work context, taking the opportunity to bond and giving the mind a break for a day.

In 2015, the Team Building day could be described as gourmet. Indeed, the guys gathered in Mattia's kitchen to cook a nice dish together. Obviously, everyone had to lend a hand, even those for whom cooking was almost uncharted territory. Yes, at MobileThinking, everyone participates!

How to end the year on a high note

A major event came to shake up the end of the year 2015. Indeed, it was at this moment that MobileThinking won its first Interreg tender (a European program aimed at promoting cooperation between European regions and the development of common solutions in development fields) for the Traverse project - Heritage of Sharing, which will be developed by the team in 2016 and 2017.

To be continued in the next episode 💫

See you in a month to discover what's happening at MobileThinking in 2016!
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