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H2020 Eurosearch Mobilethinking presentation

Mattia and Carlos at the H2020 Day – Funding Opportunities to Foster Smart Mobility

Organized by HES⁠-⁠SO Geneva – HEPIA, this event presents funding opportunities that promote research and innovation in the field of smart mobility. Areas covered range from low-carbon and sustainable transport to safe, integrated and resilient transport systems, digital transport and cybersecurity, and the question of future regulation and the relationship to society.
1/7 - Introduction - Design Sprint - Un cas d'utilisation qui a fait ses preuves

Introduction – Design Sprint – A proven use case

The Design Sprint terminology is spreading rapidly over the past few months. Some use it as a marketing Buzzword, others as a business philosophy. MobileThinking is clearly positioned in the second option. For two years now, we have been pushing our customers as much as possible to move towards Design Sprints, or at least Design […]
From idea to app - Introduction

Series: From idea to app – Introduction

You are an entrepreneur, a CEO, or a top manager and you got an idea for an app, and now what? The dilemma you are having in this moment is absolutely normal: “what are the steps to get my app to the world?”. You are using apps on your iPhone or Android phone or on […]

SWAPIN’s portrait

For the third time, we present you a startup in full expansion whose activity and career could inspire you. This week, we will introduce you to the SWAPIN startup. We had the opportunity to talk to Loris Di Nardo Di Maio and James McGill, the founders of this young company with strong growth potential, and […]

Creative Fridays – WarranT

As part of our Creative Fridays, we imagined an app to give you peace of mind! In three little steps, it allows you to store your warranties and get notified a bit before they expire. 1. Take a picture of your warranty 2. Define the expiration date 3. Forget about it! Easy.

Congratulations Dr. Gustarini

The MobileThinking team is extremely proud of our second associate with a PhD in Information Science. With the knowledge acquired during his five years of research in the Quality of Life group of the University of Geneva Mattia Dr. Gustarini brings a tremendous value to the MobileThinking team as his thesis focus on “Analyzing smartphone users […]