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MVP presentation

We will regularly present tools that we use in our work, but also problems that we encounter in our daily lives. This week, our choice has been the MVP. But what is an MVP? MVP stands for “minimum viable product” In other words, it is the smallest version of a product that can already be […]

Mattia Gustarini’s portrait

Mattia graduated from the University of Lugano with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science and started his professional career as an assistant on European projects at the University of Geneva. This led him to complete a thesis with the aim of obtaining a doctorate in Business & Management with a specialization in Information […]

Le portrait de Kevin Salvi

Chaque semaine, nous vous présenterons un membre de MobileThinking. Afin de ne passer à côté de personne, gardez un oeil attentif sur nos réseaux sociaux. Cette semaine, c’est Kevin Salvi qui est sous les feux des projecteurs.

Creative Fridays – WarranT

As part of our Creative Fridays, we imagined an app to give you peace of mind! In three little steps, it allows you to store your warranties and get notified a bit before they expire. 1. Take a picture of your warranty 2. Define the expiration date 3. Forget about it! Easy.