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This week, Jérôme Marchanoff is in the spotlight.
But who is he?
Jérôme obtained a master's degree in information and communication sciences and technologies at the University of Savoie.

In the following two year, he worked as junior developer for several companies. After That, he joined the University of Geneva as a research assistant where he met the future founders of MobileThinking.

For Jérôme was an enthusiastic and natural decision to co-create MobileThinking.

Constant positivity is Jérôme's strong point. He learns from and adapts to all situations easily. He knows how to solve the most complex technical problems and doesn’t hesitate to take up the most daring challenges.

Jérôme future vision for MobileThinking: to see the company continue to grow and get even more interesting and rewarding projects. His objective is to obtain a larger number of clients such as founders of start-up. With them he would like to focus his work on their consulting to help them thinking innovatively and shape their highly technological products, rather than simply implementing them. Jérôme hopes that his wishes will become reality through the workshops that we will present to you very soon at the beginning of this fall.

His colleagues perceive him as a person full of energy, always on the lookout for the good side of things. He was born to be a true hacker!

On his private side, Jérôme is a great mountain climber and doesn’t back down from anything!

With some time and food, no problem can resist him!

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