dea* is a fun and simple mobile application that allows you to discover a space differently. It allows each visitor to explore a place in an interactive, adaptive and personalized way.

These cultural places can be museums, churches, castles, parks, festivals or your own space!
With the new technologies, now accessible to everyone, dea* allows new types of interaction between the visitor and the space. By taking advantage of innovations such as Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication), we are able to present relevant content with a slight touch of magic.

dea*, how does it work?
dea* enables the creation of interactive points of interest, at different scales of geolocalization inside the space, using wireless and non-invasive technologies including iBeacon technology.
An iBeacon is a round beacon of 55mm of diameter, which contains a unique code that allows the user to be precisely located in space. With this Bluetooth beacon, it is possible to identify the user's context and to show him all the relevant information (image, videos and other media) directly in the application.
Small and discreet, it can be hidden easily and doesn’t require any wired connection, thus allowing to preserve completely the place which hosts it.
This product also allows us to know:
Average time per visitor
Visited points of interest
Average time traveled per visitor
Number of viewed videos
Amount of shares over social networks
Age of visitors
Interactions with the space
Total of purchases made

As developer of this mobile application, MobileThinking is honored to be part of the creation of this product, counting already with l’Église Évangélique Vaudoise (Lausanne’s Cathedral application), the Abbatiale de Romainmotier, and l’Église Saint-François among its main stakeholders and customers.

To know more about dea* click on this link: