What does 2020 looked like for MobileThinking?

A look back at an atypical year in 2020! Like everyone else, we had to make the switch to teleworking very quickly in the face of Covid and then introduce major health measures to ensure the health of our employees.

Fortunately and as our activity allows it so well, the rhythm of teleworking has become a habit. We have been able to continue to develop innovative solutions and tools for our clients without having to rely on the support provided by the Swiss Confederation.

A new colleague

Despite the health crisis, we have strengthened our team by recruiting Edouard.

A growing community

Even more of you have been reading and following our news on our website and social networks (+ 280 on LinkedIn)  and our Analytics says so: 

2020 vs 2019
Below you will find the articles you liked best this year:
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2020 Objectives

For the year 2020, we had the wish to reinforce our presence in training and it's done!
Formation - MobileThinking et CREA Genève
By becoming co-directors and lecturers for the Bachelor's degree in Web Development and Applications at CREA Geneva, Kevin and Mattia have devoted almost 400 hours to this subject since July.

We would like to congratulate the students for their commitment and work despite the difficulties of having to study the whole semester from home. Congratulations to them.

We would also like to thank the staff and all the lecturers at CREA for the excellent work they have done during this year full of novelties, changes and new practices. The school has, in fact, fallen behind while achieving all the pedagogical objectives we have set ourselves.


Some of our 2020 projects

Ecole Moser
At the beginning of 2020, we began the redesign of the Moser School Intranet. Over the years, we have accompanied the school in its digital transformation and this will continue in 2021.
Kevin managed the Bachelor's degree in Web Development and Applications and more specifically the pedagogical aspects, including redesigning the curriculum. Mattia taught the mobile development/PWA courses for the third years of the Bachelors.
One of the main projects of this year 2020 was the creation of an HR tool for the management of company benefits and the simulation of professional and personal changes for the company's employees with visualization of the impacts (increase/decrease of working time, salary, change of AHV plans, tax management). This project is being carried out in partnership with the Piguet Galland bank and the Loyco company and was conceived during a Design Sprint carried out during the summer of 2019. We will tell you more about it in 2021 with great things in store for you.
The project we carried out for the Fluxum foundation puts IT at the service of art. Our mission was to enhance the value of the foundation's archives with the aim of making it accessible to as many people as possible. The application is almost complete and will go online at the beginning of 2021.
Medicines Patent Pool
Creation of an interactive map for the Medicine Patent Pool. This map allows you to track the availability of HIV and Hepatitis C drug products around the world as well as the status of licenses and patents. You can consult it here https://medicinespatentpool.org/
This project continues since 2018 with the creation of an IOS & Android application for users of autonomous shuttles. The big breakthrough in 2020 concerns the Belle-idée site in Geneva, where we are currently testing the first door-to-door, on-demand, autonomous public transport system. 

2021 gets off to a flying start!

The digital transformation has never been so important since we adopted new working habits. Some of you have already asked us to start or continue developing digital solutions for the year 2021 and we thank you for this.

We are very happy to start the year with new projects!

Happy Holidays

We would like to thank all our customers for their confidence in this special year. The entire MobileThinking team wishes you an excellent holiday season and thanks you for your loyalty and support.