Dr. Carlos Ballester Lafuente - Co_Founder


Carlos began studying computer engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Engineering diplomas in hand, he decides to go to Erasmus in Norway.

A few years later, back in Spain, Carlos works in computer security as a junior auditor. He is passionate about this field, so he decides to get a master's degree in computer security in Finland and Norway (yes for a Spanish guy, he has a pronounced taste for northern countries).

This passionate traveler decides, then, to look for a new professional opportunity. He applied in various European countries and found a doctoral position at the University of Geneva (UNIGE). It is there (at UNIGE) that he meets the other founding members of the MobileThinking team. He obtained, like Mattia, a PhD in Business & Management with a specialization in information system.

@ MobileThinking

His strong point is undeniably his ease and willingness to learn, his sense of communication, his spirit of analysis and innovation. His colleagues perceive him as an optimistic, hard-working and positive person.

His vision for MobileThinking: He aspires to a growth of the company and wishes that it grows bigger by becoming known and recognized on a European scale, even worldwide. However, it is equally important for him that we maintain the quality of our services and the proximity to our customers.

His functions at MobileThinking range from web and mobile development to the coordination of European projects.

As a person

On the side of his private life, Carlos is a person who likes to have a good time with his friends, but also go hiking all over Switzerland accompanied by his wife and their dog Blanca. He also likes to run (but only in the early morning or late at night, because he fears heat! :-) ).

Always in a good mood and playful nature, he always works side by side with Blanca, who is truly the mascot and "Chief Happiness Officer" of our company!

The latest news of Carlos

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