More than positive outcomes for Chloé Chassany's internship 

5 months ago, we contacted Chloé Chassany, who had posted a "Master 1 Design Service & Interactions" internship as a Designer UI / UX on social networks. We directly had a good feeling about Chloé, by chat at first, then during our job interview. Her Behance  Portoflio seemed totally aligned with our needs, but also our state of mind. So naturally we decided to offer her a 4 month internship.

MobileThinking does not have these skills internally, we tried the experiment without really knowing what to expect from it and especially hoping to provide her a pleasant environment in which Chloe could learn her future job and develop more practical knowledge.
Chloé Chassany

The work done

During these 4 months, Chloé Chassany brought her artistic touch to our company and it did us a lot of good. Both in the communication of MobileThinking, but also in the proposal we have been able to give to our customers. Often, a prototype is much more talkative than ten pages of text.

Design and creation of interactive prototypes of web and mobile applications for several client projects

Unfortunately we can not currently show you all the prototypes Chloe has made for our customers, because most of them are under development. However, here is his realization concerning our project AVENUE H2020.

Creation of graphical guidelines and iconographies for various applications (for customers as well as for our internal use)

One of the elements on which Chloe worked is MT-Event. She imagined and designed the entire graphic line of the website. We can also assure you that our customers have all appreciated the Chassany's touch in the design we proposed.

Creation of internal marketing content (Flyers, Roll-up etc.)

Participation in our Design Sprint workshops

As you could read in the Loyco & Piguet Galland Design Sprint article, Chloé participated as a UI / UX expert. Believe us when we say that the whole team was impressed by Chloé's technical qualities during the day of creation of their prototype.
Design Sprint - Loyco & Piguet Galland

And much more

In addition to all that, Chloé has also done a complete UX/UI Audit of the CICG's web and mobile application. A 40-pages document filled with constructive criticism, explanations and suggestions for improvement. A valuable work that allowed us to understand many things from the point of view of a designer.

And to finish her internship in beauty, Chloé gave us an express training of the tool Adobe XD thus giving us the bases to know to create ourselves quality prototypes. We will certainly never get to her artistic level, but luckily we decided to continue working with Chloe as a Freelancer while she finishes school.

The conclusion

Chloé was a valued collaborator for her analytical skills, her efficiency understanding our demands and executing them, and her skills. Motivated and conscientious, she fulfilled all the tasks that we entrusted her with to our full satisfaction (yes the form is very similar to a work certificate, but if a recruiter could land on this article and make a proposal to Chloe , we would be more than happy for her).

She is a young woman who has a sense of responsibility never arrived late in 4 months) and who is perfectly capable of working independently, while showing a great team spirit. Always in a good mood, helpful and with a very pleasant character (especially when there is chocolate on the table), Chloé has had excellent relations with her colleagues, her superiors as well as with our clients.

We can only strongly recommend Chloé Chassany to any company calling upon her services (hoping to be able to hire her ourselves at the end of her studies). We wish Chloé well for her professional and personal future.

@Chloé - BRAVO and THANK YOU again

The MT team

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