Vincent, 12 months internship = 1 permanent contract

12 months ago, Vincent started his alternate internship for the M2 Master in Computer Science and Cooperative Systems. Today, his internship arrives to an end and he is presenting his report to his school professors. We have of course shared with him our remarks and, especially, the great satisfaction that has been working with together.

But as actions speak louder than words... Vincent being perfectly integrated to the team in terms of team dynamics as well as technically, it is naturally with pleasure that we have offered him a permanent contract at MobileThinking, as a Web and Mobile Developer.

The work done

During this year, Vincent has mainly contributed on a technical level in the different phases of research, design, and development.

We tried to make him work on projects of different scopes so that he could learn as much as possible. He worked on several client projects, but also on internal projects, for which he had greater freedom, both in terms of technology and implementation.

Forum EPFL

With a well defined framework thanks to complete specifications, Vincent was able to learn team work on a large scale project.

The technologies used are Laravel with PHPUnit for tests and Vuejs for the front-end.
The full description of this project will be available on our website shortly.

Pybossa - University of Zurich, Competence Center Citizen Science & University of Geneva, Citizen CyberLab

Pybossa is initially an open source project on Github that aims to make crowdsourcing easy. It is therefore an open source platform that allows you to generate forms and import data (images, videos, sounds, pdf ...) that will be processed by humans in order to analyze them and to be able to export the results and their analysis.

Vincent has developed a Web application in VueJS to replace the default user interface and improve the user experience, as well as to add some custom features and advanced functionality.
The full description of this project will be available on our website shortly.


The Swiss Foundation For Innovation and Training in Surgery is a training center for surgeons located in Geneva, offering about 300 courses per year.

Vincent worked on the back-end as well as the front-end, mobile and desktop.

The back-end part was realized using the Laravel framework. The purpose of this server is to retrieve a list of courses from an XML API and synchronize them with their local copy in order to be able to enhance and extend their contents. For this, many validations are performed on the data before modifying the local copy.

The front-end part (VueJS) was the most complicated part, because it was necessary to develop a rather sophisticated interface, usable on desktop and mobile. Agenda management has always been a headache, but in the case of SFITS, we are very happy with the result.
The full description of this project will be available on our website shortly.

Internal project - Payment library

MobileThinking often needs to integrate payment systems into client projects. There are several platforms on the market to make online payments, such as:

● PayPal
● Braintree
● Stripe
● MangoPay
● SIX Payment
● PostFinance
● ...

The aim of the project was therefore to research the best platform for managing various payment methods in Switzerland.

Internal project - Technical research on Laravel

This is a short-term project and technical study on the Laravel framework. The goal was to find a way to use different databases from the same web server where an application is hosted and to easily manage different database connections for different subdomains.


Javascript, Vuejs, Mocha, Karma, Sinon Chai, Single Page Application, Pybossa, Crowdsourcing, PHP, Laravel, Gitlab, Forum EPFL, Base de données, SSH RSA, Six Payment, Split payment, Library, R&D, Web application, Unit tests, Feature tests, PHPUnit, Vuex, State management pattern, Package Composer

Congratulations and thank you!

All this is certainly a bit technical for our readers, but Vincent being a technically excellent developer, it is important for us to reflect it in this post.

@Vincent- A great BRAVO and welcome to the team (officially)!

The MT team