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De l'idée à l'application - Conclusion

Series: From idea to app – Conclusions

In conclusion, the method to create an application is not necessarily written in stone. As for the construction of a house we can take certain liberties, however if we want our house to stand, electricity to work, water to flow, and more, we have to follow a series of fix steps. In the case of […]
Maintain and Evolve

Series: From idea to app – Maintain and Evolve 6/6

Once your app is in production (a technical term to say that the app is being used by real users in the real world) you can rarely let it be forever. It is like your future house, you can just build it, live in it, and forget about it.. With time things will get old […]
Series: From idea to app - Deploy and Promote 5/7

Series: From idea to app – Deploy and Promote 5/6

The day has finally come! You now have your first app version and you are ready to share it with the world. Depending on the technologies involved in your system, you will need to do several administrative duties to distribute your product to the public. If your app is an iOS app or an Android […]
Series: From idea to app - Develop and Test 4/6

Series: From idea to app – Develop and Test 4/6

After all the preparation, we are finally at the moment in which all the ideas and concepts (user research, wireframing, prototyping, testing and design) concretise in the actual application. In this step the developers define the technology stack, the data model (database and co.), the interactions between server and client, and how to integrate the […]
De l'idée à l'application - Design

Series: From idea to app – Design 3/6

Once you have the wireframes and a tested, validated, and refined prototype you should create the unique identity of your app. This is the job of app designers. They should create the app logo, decide upon the colors, fonts, and the overall look and feel of your app. To continue the analogy with your new […]
User journey, Wireframe, Prototype, and Test

Series: From idea to app – User journey, Wireframe, Prototype, and Test 2/6

This step build upon four important concept: defining the user journey, wireframing, prototyping, and testing. The user journey is the scenario, the flow your users follow to achieve their goal by using your app. We like to call it: the golden path. It must be the core functionality of your app and have as little […]
De l'idée à l'application - Analyse banner

Series: From idea to app – Analyse 1/6

The goal of this step is to get to know the users of your future app via User research. User research allows you to identify the core and unique features (innovative functionalities) of your concept accordingly to your target users and their needs. The first version of your app should focus on doing one thing […]
Concierge MVP

The importance of User research and some tips to start

If your intention is to create an app you should be aware about the importance of User research. It is the first step of the lifecycle of an app development and probably one of the most important. We can help you create and test your app prototype (find more info )but you need to come […]
From idea to app - Introduction

Series: From idea to app – Introduction

You are an entrepreneur, a CEO, or a top manager and you got an idea for an app, and now what? The dilemma you are having in this moment is absolutely normal: “what are the steps to get my app to the world?”. You are using apps on your iPhone or Android phone or on […]