What does MobileThinking mean in 2021?

Another year on the clock. 2021 has been fruitful and rich in fascinating projects! Moreover, the MobileThinking team has never grown so much. Let's look back on this exciting year!

4 new collaborators!

This year 2021 has been marked by the spectacular expansion of our team. We have been fortunate to welcome 4 new collaborators who each bring their own expertise. We invite you to read the page of Dejan Munjin, Fabien Mackowiak, Jules Bursik and Luka Fresard to learn more about them. Luca and Jules come directly from the CREA school, and are doing their second year internship. 
4 nouveaux collaborateurs en 2021

An engaged community

This year, our site has counted no less than 7'000 users! With more than 30'000 page views and a very good bounce rate, we are happy to see that you like our content.
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In addition, we are happy to note that 10% of you come directly from Linkedin, through our weekly posts. So, if you want to be informed at a glance about the different services we offer, our series of articles or our news, do not hesitate to follow us on LinkedIn.

Most read articles

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Some of our projects

fondation des parking rectangle
Fondation des Parkings
In 2021, we worked on a project launched by the Fondation des Parkings as part of their digital transformation. We will communicate more about the project soon.

Since the year 2020, Kevin is co-director of the Bachelor in Web and Application Development at CREA. Mattia, Dejan and Hassan taught mobile/PWA, frontend and business development courses for the first and third year Bachelors.
Ecole Moser
Beginning in early 2020, we began the redesign of the Moser School Intranet. Over the years, we have accompanied the school in its digital transformation and this will continue in 2022.
Since 2018, as part of this project, we have developed an IOS & Android app for users of the autonomous shuttles and tested the autonomous buses in Belle-idea with the apps. We have also set up a monitoring dashboard that will allow operators to act as quickly as possible in case of need.

LilPulse - by Happiness Agency
Happiness Agency's LilPulse project aims to improve the dialogue between managers and their teams and to measure the general happiness of employees via a web and mobile ecosystem.
Benefitme portfolio
The project is nearing completion, with the first customers of the product expected in early 2022. Very happy with this collaboration with Loyco, Piguet Galland and Deeplink. We are very excited, as Benefitme is a project that started with a Design Sprint in our offices to give birth to a company!

Bilan 2021

bilan 2021 en
We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in this special year. The entire MobileThinking team wishes you a happy holiday season and thanks you for your loyalty and support.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to be part of the adventure in 2022!