Fabien Mackowiak - Front-End Developer


After a few months of self-taught training, Fabien decided to take it to the next level by attending an intensive 6-month bootcamp at the O'clock school, where he specialised in front-end development and obtained the professional title of Web and Mobile Web Developer.

He then worked for 2 years as a developer for a famous group in Geneva, while continuing in his free time to carry out various projects with the aim of always improving.

The connection between MT and Fabien was a natural one: Fabien was looking for a more challenging position closer to his field of interest and arrived just as MT was looking for a new front-end developer. 
Photo de profil de Fabien Mackowiak
MobileThinking web and mobile development

@ MobileThinking

With his sense of aesthetics and his boundless curiosity, Fabien is a passionate developer who seeks to provide the best possible user experience on each of his projects.

Whether it's on the aesthetic or functional aspect of an application, Fabien loves a job well done. His greatest satisfaction is to see the client's requirements go from an idea to a real functional application that meets that need.

This mentality fits perfectly with the spirit of MobileThinking.

As a person

Born in the Alps, Fabien has been passionate about the mountains since he was a child.

Skiing in winter, hiking in summer, when he's not coding, you'll certainly find him up high!