Dejan Munjin - Software Architect


Dejan studied Information and Communication Systems at the University of Geneva. During his university career, he worked as an IT correspondent for the teaching staff, developed software as a freelancer and taught programming to students.
His scientific research, his publications validated by the community and the defense of his thesis on the empowerment of users in the Internet of Things lead him to obtain the title of Doctor of Economic and Social Sciences, Information Systems
Nevertheless, his training does not stop there. The certification in project management, the training in business creation, the technological watch and the interventions in teaching continue to feed his knowledge. 

@ MobileThinking

With his experience and professional background, Dejan is a versatile collaborator with a focus on implementing the most suitable software architectures for expressed or tacit needs.
Whether the project is small or large, Dejan enjoys developing software using best practices with consistent and clear source code.  

His versatility from his professional background is seen as a Swiss Army knife at Mobile Thinking. 

As a person

On the private side, Dejan enjoys motorcycle rides, playing UniHockey, hiking in the mountains and team parties.
His personal limits are at about 1000m downhill.