10 Years of MobileThinking


We are celebrating our 10th anniversary ! 🎉 : the next chapter

Ready for another leap into the past?

Then join us on the MobileThinking adventure.

Destination: 2018! Be careful, this year is not like any other... Will you be able to keep up with all the changes and twists? 

The developers hit the slopes (again) ⛷️

Don't be fooled by appearances... Despite the wonderful fresh snow, our team of developers were actually in the middle of a snowshoe hike! Perhaps slightly less fun than skiing, but it allows you to write or draw in the snow (more or less legibly) and that is fun 😉

Another successful Team Building day at MobileThinking! 

There is some movement on the ship!

In 2018, it's Vincent's turn to join MobileThinking! He will start his adventure in the team with an internship and will then work on a part-time basis while completing his Master's degree at Savoie Mont-Blanc University. To know his fate within the team, we'll have to be patient and wait until next month...

Our dear Valentin, whom we met last month (in 2017), is leaving the team and moving on to other adventure just as exciting.

And let's not forget Mattia, who was still working 50% at the University of Geneva and has chosen to focus 100% of his time on the thrilling adventure that is MobileThinking!

Towards a Europe-wide project: AVENUE 🚌

What is the AVENUE project?

The main objective of this project was to demonstrate that autonomous vehicles could represent a solution for the future of public transport.

To achieve this, tests were carried out in various European cities to determine whether autonomous vehicles could adapt to any environment and any situation while carrying passengers, without forgetting to ensure their safety and comfort.

Not to mention that the project has major social, environmental and economic implications. To find out more, you can have a look at the following page : MobileThinking - AVENUE H2020

Or the project page : H2020 AVENUE

Brussels Kickoff

For the kick-off of this brand new project, Carlos and Kevin travelled to Brussels to represent MobileThinking in this consortium of companies, each more cutting-edge than the last. Between stress, pressure, excitement and relaxation, this successful escapade is the start of a beautiful and constructive working relationship.

Autonomous vehicles

As explained above, tests have been carried out in several European cities.

Our team was lucky enough to take part in these initial tests, and went all the way to Lyon to take a ride on the autonomous shuttles there (with evidence to back it up).


A strange word, you may ask. Yes, it is. But what does it really mean? Frying a DEA (Data Encryption Algorithm)? Well, it could be.

Let's not drag out the suspense any longer. It's a contraction of Friday and Idea, which may give you a clue as to the meaning of the word.

Indeed, Fridea is a whole concept. One Friday a month, a member of the team comes up with a challenge for the day. This could be one or more tasks to be carried out, a micro-project to be devised or a promising technology to be explored.

The aim is to develop new ideas, either as a group or individually, but also to keep the team at the cutting edge of what's happening in the market. It's a great way to keep Fridays lively, productive and creative!

The projects and events that marked 2018


In September 2017, MobileThinking won the tender for FIPOI (Foundation of Buildings for International Organisations) concerning an event management tool for the CICG (Geneva International Conference Centre) as well as its mobile applications. This tool, available as a web and mobile solution, was developed in 2018. But what does it really consist of?

This tool allows users to have all the important information relating to their participation in an event on a single support. It provides access to scheduled sessions and the areas in which they will be taking place. A customisable agenda is integrated into the system, making it easy to see who is and who isn't taking part in the conference and facilitating exchanges and communication. It also provides access to all the information on the Geneva International Conference Centre, such as catering points, access, transport, etc.

In addition, conference organisers have all the tools they need to create, organise, invite participants, send notifications, send reminders, create news items, create a survey, and so on.

École Moser - Family Space

The story of our collaboration with École Moser begins with a Design Sprint (which you can find here). This led to the design of the Family Space.

The Family Space contains a range of tools for parents to follow their children's progress. They also have access to administrative documents, their children's grades and their timetables.

In addition to the purely academic aspects, it was very important for the Moser school management to highlight the aspects of Life at School. Parents have an overview of the activities offered by the school for their students, as well as direct access to the contacts of the staff responsible for each student.

This is the start of an excellent working relationship, based on respect and trust, between MobileThinking and Moser School.

EPFL Forum

The EPFL Forum, which takes place every year, is a recruitment fair that aims to facilitate exchanges between students and companies.

Following a request from the EPFL Forum, MobileThinking has been developing the new version of the platform since March 2018, taking over the functionalities of the old one while including new features.

The platform is divided into 4 parts: 1) services for companies, 2) services for students, 3) services for start-ups and 4) administrative management.

Companies can book stands, company presentations, workshops and interview lounges, and can also access the profiles of students who are also registered for the event and invite them to their events.

Students can also submit their profiles and CVs, which will be available for companies to consult. They can also register for workshops and interviews.

Moving v3 📦

You're not dreaming, this is MobileThinking's third move, but don't worry, they're not going far.

Luck is on their side once again, as the new 160m2 premises are still in Acacias, just a stone's throw from the old office. And watch out, this time they're moving into a duplex!

As you can no doubt imagine, the work and renovations have been (and even more so than the previous ones) on a considerable scale. Quite simply, almost everything had to be redone.

After months of thinking about the decor, a few hundred brushstrokes, kilos of equipment moved around and a lot of hard work, the new offices are finally ready!
The crew can finally move into the new space, which offers them a number of new opportunities. Including a brand new space to welcome customers, a kitchen, a dining room, a cosier area to take a break during the day and, of course, a mezzanine fitted out with offices to work from.

It's a brand new start for MobileThinking, a major change that will give them the motivation they need to go and reach for the moon!

To be continued in the next episode ✨

The MobileThinking crew now has a brand new ship with which to brave the storms and explore new horizons. We look forward to seeing you next month to discover the new opportunities that lie ahead, and we guarantee you won't want to miss a minute of it!