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In september 2017 our proposal for the CICG event management tool and the mobile applications were accepted. We worked really hard on that project and are thrilled to finally release it. You can download the applications using the following links.
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Mobile and Web applications

We developed the CICG applications allowing you to have on a single support all the important information about your participation within an event.

- Get to know the scheduled sessions and where they will take place.
- Download the documents related to the session and customize your own agenda.
- Find out who will attend your conference and exchange easily with any participant.
- A news feed is available and it will allow you to know in real time any relevant information about your event.

You will be able to access all the information about the International Conference Centre Geneva, such as the points of restoration, the accesses, the means of transport and much more.

Joining a conference has never been so easy and enjoyable!

Event management tool

The web and mobile applications are entirely fed by an Event management tool that has been fully developed based on event organizers' needs. The idea is that the CICG team creates a new event on it and then give the keys to that event to the organizer himself. From then on, the organizer (which could be you by the way) has all the necessary tools to create, organize, invite participants, send notifications, send reminders, create news, create a survey etc.


FIPOI - Fondation des immeubles pour les organisations internationales


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Management tool development
Mobile applications development
Webapp development


Ionic, Laravel



2018 - Ongoing



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